A Dad’s First Tattoo Will Honor His Gay Kids

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

We love stories of supportive fathers.

While some on Twitter are busy trying to shoehorn Melania Trump into the label of an LGBTQ ally, there are others like John Atwell who are actively trying to support. One of those men is John Atwell who decided to add to his body in order to honor his kids.


On June 30, John’s daughter Kaitlyn posted screenshots on Twitter of a text conversation between the two. Kaitlyn’s sister had painted the image of lips dripping with rainbow pride colors for Kaitlyn. John Atwell then decided to honor his two daughters by getting a tattoo of the image.

“I convinced my dad to get his first tattoo and he sent me something that my little sister painted,” Kaitlyn wrote as the post’s caption. “Let’s just say I’m a crying mess right now”


In the thread, you can see that Kaitlyn asked her father if he was going to include the colors or simply get a black and grey image. He then responded by saying:

“I think I’d have to get the color. She put the colors for a reason. It’s almost pride like right? I do have two gay daughters whom I’m very proud of, so I think I would definitely get the color.”

“I love you so much, my heart is bursting right now,” Kaitlyn told him back. “Thank you for loving me and for loving who I love and for treating us like we’re literally just human beings who like other human beings.”

The moment of family love and support then started to trend online well into this week with the initial tweet receiving more than 352,000 likes, 52,000 retweets, and 53,400 comments.


Within those comments are several messages of joy after seeing the display between a father and his daughters.

“Now this is the type of things I like seeing down my TL,” wrote one Twitter user.

“That is so pure and beautiful. Bless him,” wrote another.


Many other users spotlighted the importance of loving and accepting fathers like John. Mostly, they did so by expressing how many LGBTQ youths go without such support.



One Twitter user even offered to give the family a free tattoo or a set of matching tattoos for free.


Thanks to John and Kaitlyn for sharing that moment of love and support. We’re glad to see it.

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