A Drunk Singaporean Man is Being Charged For Propositioning And Slapping An American Man

An elderly man from Singapore got deeply intoxicated one night and asked an American man to “f*** him.” And now, he could pay thousands in court fines.


About a year ago, 25-year-old American-born Joseph DeMarini was taking the train with a friend named Li Zixin when an aggressively drunk man approached him.

71-year-old Gan Thean Soo approached DeMarini and began propositioning him for sex.

Gan asked, “I want you to f**k me tonight.”

DeMarini insisted that he was straight and not interested, but Gan kept pestering him. This led to Li taking out her phone to record the moment.


Gan continued to bother DeMarini and proposition him for sex by saying things like, “I am LGBT, you are gay.”

Eventually, another woman riding the train tried to intervene, but that only made Gan madder. He then slapped DeMarini, which caused more train commuters to get involved. Eventually, they were able to subdue the drunken Gan.

Joseph DeMarini later posted Li’s video recording of the altercation on Facebook.

DeMarini captioned the video by talking about his sexuality and how Gan isn’t the first man to mistake it.


"For those of you that don't know: I'm not gay (not that it should matter). However, I don't exactly fit the "masculine" mold of society, so oftentimes I am mistaken as queer–on several occasions around the world, for example, I've caught flak for carrying a "man purse." On a personal level, this is why I need feminism: so I can be confident in myself and not feel like I have to fulfill any gender role assigned to me. However, I do appreciate that women probably have to deal with this shit (or at least the threat of it) on a fairly regular basis."



As GayStarNews reports, Gan Thean Soo has recently gone to trial for the altercation. He pleaded guilty to one count each for assault and harassment. In addition, he may be charged for being a public nuisance as well.

Gan was later released on bail for S$8,000 (US$6,073). On top of that, he may have to pay a S$5,000 (US$3,799) fine if he’s convicted.

h/t: GayStarNews

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