A Gay Favorite Was Revealed On The Masked Singer, Leaving Us Wanting More

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Masked Singer’s Butterfly Revealed To Be One Of Our Community’s Favorite Pop Culture Divas

By now you’ve probably heard of all the buzz or seen countless billboards surrounding Fox’s latest reality singing competition series, The Masked Singer. The series takes a handful of celebrities you actually know and hides them behind costumes with extravagant mask. In the show’s sophomore run, we’ve currently seen ten celebrities revealed. Everyone unmasked so far has been rather extraordinary. Figure Skater, Johnny Weir, was the first to go. Dr. Drew Pinsky, Sherri Shepherd, Kelly Osbourne, Patti LaBelle, Raven Symone, and others soon followed. It’s a huge step up from the original season where the only “names” we really knew were Margaret Cho, Ricki Lake, Tori Spelling, and La Toya Jackson. But when the latest this season was unveiled, it shocked us all. How did they get her?!


As you can see by the Instagram post above, Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child fame was revealed to be the singer behind the Butterfly costume. While the previously recorded tunes were a bit muffled, Williams’ glorious “take-me-to-church” voice always prevailed. After the unmasking, Williams took to Instagram and apologized for lying to a lot of people throughout her time on the show. Hey, she was trying to keep it a secret!  Through her time on the series, she performed hit songs by Ariana Grande, Bon Jovi, and Demi Lovato. Her reveal may have been predictable, but can we all unite in agreement that we want more of Williams!  Her leaving the show kind of bums us all out?!


Williams, now forty-years-old, is not as center focused as her former girl band members like Beyoncé or Kelly Rowland. After singing for Barack Obama in The White House in 2016, Willams has found success on Broadway, released dance and Gospel singles, and starred in her own reality television series, Chad Loves Michelle, with her husband Chad Johnson. She may have gained more popularity throughout the years when she became the subject of a popular meme Poor Michelle, as she seems to always get the short end of the stick when it comes to her former aforementioned Destiny’s Child members. It’s clear The Masked Singer was a lot of fun for her to do, but I don’t think Beyoncé would even consider participating. 

Regarding her experience on the show, Williams tells:

“I appreciate everything about me even more. I appreciate the opportunity to share my gift with the world. Musically, as an artist, I’ve put the mic down. I’ll speak and mentor, but I won’t sing ever again. I haven’t really sang this year besides [The Masked Singer]. Why would [I] think I’d never sing again? There are people out there who love me and love what I have to offer. Being anonymous let me be wild and free. [Now I want] to do that with my mask off. There’s a lesson [to be learned]. Everybody can walk around with this mask on. Take the mask off and be who you are, with the mask on. That’s free therapy [advice] right there.”


Don’t forget to check out The Butterfly, er, Michelle’s unmasking below:

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