A Gay Frenchman Was Knocked Unconscious, Burned, And Chopped Into Pieces

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A Frenchman was found dead in India, and a young gay man was charged for the murder.


68-year-old Pierre Bernard Robert Rene’s remains were found charred and split up between several sandbags.

The police had been looking for Pierre after his suitcase, with his passport, his ATM cards, and a diary inside, was found abandoned.

It was the diary that pointed police in the direction of Thirumurugan.

Pierre was in India as a vacation and allegedly met up with 29-year-old student C. Thirumurugan, according to The Hindu. Pierre came to Tiruchi, India on August 3 and stayed at a lodge. It was there that he got picked up by Thirumurugan.


Allegedly, the two men traveled to another town and drank alcohol before engaging in sex. Afterwards, the two got into an arguments and the 29-year-old knocked his companion unconscious.

"The student got frustrated and hit him on the head with a wooden stick and he (the tourist) collapsed," said senior police officer Senthil Kumar to AFP.

Police say that Thirumurugan then panicked while thinking he killed the tourist and decided to hide the body. He did so by covering it with petrol and burning it. The charred remains were then split up and stuffed into three different sand bags, which were then dumped by the road.

Unfortunately for Thirumurugan, the police quickly caught onto him and he was arrested. He then confessed to his crimes while in custody.

h/t: The Hindu, Channel New Asia/AFP

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