A Gay Man Asks An AI To Find “The One” In The Upcoming Sci-fi Netflix Series “Osmosis”

In a futuristic Paris, couples are matched up through an AI in the upcoming Netflix series “Osmosis” / Screenshot via YouTube @Netflix

Everyone’s looking for love in the world of sci-fi.

Netflix has released the trailer for an upcoming series to be distributed to Western viewers. The series Osmosis is originally a French property that will now get a Western release.


The sci-fi series follows a futuristic Paris that has been overrun with electronic conveniences and burdens. This also includes the dating lives of the citizens.

According to the below YouTube trailer’s description:

“Paris in the near future. A new dating app is appearing on the market. It helps people find their soulmate by collecting data from their brain. But finding true love comes at a price. Are you ready to pay for it?”

Netflix also wrote a brief description of the show back in 2017 when it first acquired the rights to the series:


“In the series, technology has conquered the last frontier decoding true love. Digging deep into its users brain data, the new dating app ‘OSMOSIS’ can find a perfect match with 100% accuracy, turning the concept of an absolute soulmate into a reality. But is there a price to pay when letting an algorithm decide who you will love? When in exchange for this undying, ageless love, technology can access the innermost recesses of your mind — and the best kept secrets of your heart.”

It appears that streaming platforms are turning their attentions to sci-fi and thriller based stories. Netflix released the popular Russian Doll staring Natasha Lyonne last month, and YouTube released the pilot for their Weird City series with a similar premise. In that series, two men, Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien and Modern Family’s Ed O’Neil, were also matched through an advanced algorithm created in a strange, sci-fi setting.

If you want to see if Osmosis is worth your watch, before releasing March 29, check out the trailer down below.

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