A Gay Nightclub in Puerto Rico Was Bombed

Partygoers at a gay club in Puerto Rico were attacked this weekend.

El Vocero reports that “several individuals dressed in black threw several incendiary bombs.” The petrol bombs were thrown into the gay night club Circo Bar on Saturday October 28th.

While luckily no one was hurt by the attack, the club itself did get damaged.

So far, there is no known motive according to the head of police in the San Juan Area, Colonel Juan Cáceres. In addition, no one has claimed ownership of the attack. As such, there have been no arrests so far.


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One anonymous source who was there at the night of the attack spoke to Gay Star News and shared his/her account of the night.

“They blasted the front door of the bar.”

“This is the very first time they attacked the establishments with molotovs,” they said.


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The sources also thinks that the attack was one from a rivaling gay club (or more). They believe that this was an attempt to keep Circo Bar from opening that night.

In response to this attack, the Circo Bar will increase security from this point forward. That said, its business will surely take a hit as customers may not feel safe enough to visit the club in the near future.


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