A Gay Wedding On ‘Married At First Sight UK?’

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Married At First Sight UK is getting its first-ever same-sex wedding.

The popular reality tv series has announced its 16 contestants for the upcoming season, according to Digital Spy. In the show, couples are matched up before meeting. They then marry within minutes of introducing themselves to each other. The couple then live together for a period of time before deciding whether they want to continue the relationship. Guiding them along the way are Mel Schilling, Paul C Brunson, and Charlene Douglas.


But, the producers behind Married At First Sight UK didn’t just reveal the group of contestants. The producers revealed that there will be a gay male couple amongst them. The identity of the same-sex couple has yet to be revealed. Schilling told Metro, however, that she’s “so excited” to welcome the series’ first same-sex couple.

“This is a big one and I push for it every season,” Schilling said.

Image via Channel 4

Schilling however, noted that couples don’t always stay together after being matched on the show.


“You don’t always get it right and we’re not going to put a same-sex couple together just because they’re both gay, it’s got to be a good match and we don’t always find that,” Schilling said.

And in truth, only one couple has ever stayed together. While almost none of the marriages have ever lasted, Owen and Michelle from the fifth season made it to their 1st wedding anniversary on March 14, 2021.

But while this will be the first male same-sex couple in the history of Married at First Sight UK and the wider Married At First Site franchise, there was a female same-sex wedding before. In 2020, Tash Herz became the first lesbian on Married At First Sight Australia and was paired with Amanda Micallef. Then the 2021 season of the same show saw its first bisexual groom in Liam Cooper. Though, those stories did not end happily. Herz and Micallef later split and Cooper was outed at his wedding to Georgia Fairweather. Hopefully this gay couple in Married At First Sight UK will end differently.

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