A Girl Scout In Colorado Girl Scout Repackaged Her Cookies With Aquaman Pictures

We’ve got ourselves a business mogul or PR boss in the making… Or possibly a future convict.


In Highlands Ranch, Colorado, one girl and her mom had a genius, and definitely illegal, business idea. This fifth grader upped her chances of selling Girl Scout cookies by putting one super wet superhero on the box.

In order to sell momoas cookies (crisp cookies covered in caramel and sprinkled with coconut before being layered with a dark chocolate coating), this girl scout put pictures of Jason Momoa on her boxes.

But while Charlotte Holmberg is a Top Cookie CEO, meaning she has consistently sold heaps of cookies for the organization, it was her mother that came up with the idea. Charlotte’s mom, who’s a marketing professional, thought it would be a great idea for sales.

That said, it was primarily Charlotte who executed the plane of printing out the pictures and gluing them to dozens of boxes.


After sharing pictures of the boxes online, the photos began to spread all over the internet with several social media platforms and news sources showing interest.


According to 9News.com, Charlotte has received requests for the boxes from moms and fellow girl scouts.

"The moms are getting really excited and they're saying that they need them," she said.

Even Girl Scouts of Colorado’s official Instagram account shared the above post about Charlotte’s idea.

Of course, we have to get real and point out a few problems with the situation. This could be a major legal issue if Jason Momoa and his team catch wind of the act. Plus, there’s something to say about teaching girls to sexualize men for sale.

In terms of the prior, the mother may not have imagined that her daughter's boxes would became the headline of several news sources. But then, she shouldn't have risked things by sharing pictures online. The internet never forgets.

While it’s a cute pun to make and a funny idea at first, this viral business choice could end up harming Charlotte and her mom more than helping them. But hey, the cookies are still good, right?

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