A Hysterical Grindr ‘Suggestion’ is Making Its Way Through the Interwebs

Apps like Grindr and many others like it are known for its hilarity in terms of the responses many people get that range from funny to scary to really making us wonder if there are some crazy MF'ers out there, however this latest one that's making the rounds online is quite the giggle fest indeed.


Someone on the popular gay app was talking with another user about how they would "get down" in the bedroom, and it started out sounded somewhat romantic.

"Pick you up, place you against the wall, legs wrapped around me.  Kiss you deep, probing."

Then, it goes so out of left field by including a highly-discussed reference point from the past week or so.

"Then I'll enter you, and when I'm in to the hilt, I'll look you in the eyes and tell you that Shangela should have won."




CLEVER!  This of course refers to RuPaul's Drag Race star Shangela not winning All Stars 3 last week in favor of Trixie Mattel.  So if you can't win on the main stage, you can at least get some satisfaction out of "hypothetically" winning in the bedroom.  Halleloo indeed. 

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