A LeFou/Gaston Prequel Series Is Coming To Disney+

Image via Walt Disney Studios

The live-action Beauty and the Beast is returning to our screens with a Disney+ sequel, but what does that mean for the controversial “gay moment.”

Walt Disney Studios has announced plans to create a Beauty and the Beast prequel that will focus on villains Gaston and LeFou. The six-episode musical series is currently in early development, so nothing is known about the story so far. The 2017 film, however, set up the story that LeFou and Gaston met while serving in the military, so this prequel could cover their meeting during that time.

One Upon A Time’s Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz will serve as showrunners for the untitled limited series along with Josh Gad. All three will also act as executive producers along with Luke Evans. None of the other actors from the 2017 film are currently connected to the Disney+ series.

While this series is exciting news for Disney fans, it does raise some questions for LGBTQ fans. Back in 2017, Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gad (and more) drowned in controversy. The reason being Josh Gad’s LeFou. Before the movie’s release, it was announced that the film would include a “gay moment” concerning the villainous sidekick. But it turned out, that gay moment was a gay crush on Gaston and then a same-sex dance between LeFou and a nameless extra (who was made a joke earlier in the film by liking being forced into drag).

With a Disney+ prequel now in the works, one has to wonder how LeFou’s sexuality will be handled in the series. This is especially true considering that the Love, Simon series Love, Victor was moved over to Hulu so that Disney+ wouldn’t be associated with gay and adult themes. Then given the fact that Luke Evans himself is an openly gay actor/producer, it looks like the “gay moment” situation is coming back to bite Disney on the butt.

Will Disney, Evans, and Gad properly handle the gay elephant in the room? We’ll find out as this early project moves along.

Source: Hollywood Reporter, CNN

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