A Major Recurring Guest is Back on Will & Grace… For Now

I gotta give the actors and writers of Will & Grace credit for finding their groove in only three episodes.  With the first episode in the relaunch being a bit too political, and the second episode slowly getting back to what made the original series so authentic and funny, we finally hit somewhat of a landmark in how this show operates so well with all four characters together and separated.

It didn't take too long for the series to make a big move and bring a major character back, and sadly, it isn't Rosario (although I am still holding out hope).  So who could it be?  Who made that much of an influence from the first go around to come back in hopes that it could mean something to not only one, but two of the characters?

It's Leo, played by the ever so adorable Harry Connick Jr., who is still listed as Grace's emergency contact when she goes to the gynecologist and ends up getting a biopsy of her breast (the left one, which is the big one of course) to see if she may or may not have cancer.  What makes this series so fantastic is the clever balance between outright hilarity and serious, touching moments that remind you why this show is so brilliant in how it's done.

She immediately goes to tell Will, who she can tell is not all in the head because he is eating bread and it isn't a cheat day.  Will is having his own emotional turmoil after watching a special on Princess Diana, to which Grace consoles him instantly.  As self-absorbed as she can be (and the rest of the cast, quite frankly) this show repeats over and over again just how powerful their friendship is.

As for Jack & Karen, they revisit some of the older episodes with him teaching yet another acting class in all its hilarity, this time around for the Boys & Girls club in the Bronx.  He was on a high from potentially getting cast in a regional dog food commercial, which no one there seems to be excited about except himself.  

Jack then helps a kid to sing in his usual way, which works out to his benefit when the boy can actually sing, which of course he takes credit for.  Karen oddly shows up, with no joke whatsoever about her being in the Bronx itself, and helps a girl out who is getting her period for the first time.  It's rare, but Karen has a heart… and I love when it actually comes out.  This was one of those great times.

As for Grace and Leo, she winds up back in his office where they fight (once again) about how he cheated in their marriage and it culminates in him kissing her.  Does this mean he is back for the longhaul?  We don't know as of yet, but it's going to be interesting to see where this leads.

What are your thoughts about the third episode? 

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