A Man Was Shot Outside An Atlanta Gay Bar

This past Monday, witnesses say they saw a man standing around the Bulldogs bar, a black gay bar in Atlanta, Georgia.


A group of friends eventually interacted with this man, later identified as 47-year-old Elijah Payton, as he started to yell at them.

An anonymous witness spoke to WSB-TV Atlanta about the situation, “He started yelling obscenities, such as ‘Hey, which one is with who? I wanna have sex with one of you guys,” the witness told them, “He then screamed that he was homeless and that he wanted to know if one of us could give him some money.”

Payton then followed the group to the parking lot. One of the group members offered Payton $5 before Peyton lifted his shirt and pulled out a gun.

At that point, the majority of the group ran away with only two left behind. Payton then told the remaining two to undress, which caused one of the men to attempt to run. Payton then shot the runner twice in the back.

Later this Thursday, Atlanta police located and arrested Payton for not only this shooting but for another one that occurred last month. Payton reportedly shot a man in his thigh after refusing to give Peyton his cellphone charger and food.

While Payton awaits trail, both victims are alive and recovering.

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