A Massachusetts Police Officer Is On Trial For Allegedly Raping A Young Man In Police Custody

A former Salem, Massachusetts police officer is on trial for allegedly raping a young man who was under custody in 2016.


A young man, whose identity is being withheld, was placed under custody in 2016. The man was visiting Salem and drank heavily the night before Halloween. Somehow, he ended up flooding the room he was staying in.

After reaching a Salem police station in the early morning, the man decided to take off his wet clothes. He was then provided with only a blanket by local police.

While the man went to make a phone call, patrolman Brian Butler, who was 55 at the time, allegedly touched the young man under his blanket. Allegedly, Butler then led the young man to a closet, where he asked to perform a sexual act on him.

Now nearly two years later, Brian Butler is on trial for allegedly raping the boy. The hearing was this past Tuesday and a jury has been selected.


Brian Butler and his defense attorney named Kevin Mitchel argue that the sexual act was consensual and not rape. Meanwhile, prosecutor Kate MacDougall quoted the victim at the hearing and said, “What else could I do? I was in fear because he was a police officer.”

While Butler’s trail is only just beginning, it has already affected his life. Butler immediately resigned when the allegations surfaced. In addition, his wife, Police Chief Mary Butler, filed for divorce.

If he is found as guilty, Brian Butler faces a potential 10-20 years in prison for indecent assault, battery, and rape.

h/t: The Salem News

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