A Mattress Brand Is Paying Couples $3K To Test Beds?

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Want to get paid for having sex with your boyfriend/husband? Now you can! Plus, you’ll get a few free mattresses too.

When buying a new mattress, you always want to consider the many factors that could prevent you from a good night’s sleep. Will the mattress run cold or hot? Will you wake up feeling uncomfortable or sweaty under a blanket and against the mattress? Will it eventually sink under your body weight and create a dip? Will it feel too hard or too soft? And, finally, will it stand up to the challenge of you having constant sex on it.


When it comes to that last question, the mattress brand Sleep Standards wants to ensure that its products come with a resounding, “YES!” And now, they want YOUR help to do it. That is, if you have a partner and are willing to have sex for science and sales.

Chinese web series Addicted the Series / Image via Weiboo @柴鸡蛋FM

Sleep Standards has recently announced a new job/campaign/experiment in order to find out which of their mattresses are the best for having sex. They are looking for 5 lucky couples to take part in this experiment. The company will send a new mattress to each couple once a week for a span of eight weeks. The couples will then get to sleep on those mattresses and sleep on them throughout the week. Then, the couples report back to Sleep Standards about their “findings.”

In terms of those findings, couples are being asked to share their extremely honest opinions. But don’t worry, couples have the option of remaining anonymous or having their reviews go out to the public. As for those reviews, couples will have to rate the mattresses on Bounciness, Noise, Firmness, Edge Support, Comfort, Cooling, and Overall Score. Even better, the five lucky couples will get paid $3,000 and their choice of one of the mattresses for free!

Sound interesting to you? Then, run, don’t walk, to your partner to tell them about this opportunity. Then, head over to Sleep Standards’ website to fill out an application.

Happy humping!

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