‘A Moment That Will Live On In History’

Viewers were once again left in tears after another dance by Strictly Come Dancing’s first-ever same-sex couple, John Whaite and Johannes Radebe. For their semi-final dance, the Couple’s Choice, the partners performed to Adele’s Hometown Glory.

Whaite told the audience that the pair dedicated their performance, 

“to the people who perhaps feel a bit afraid in life. I want those people to know that it gets better.”

The Great British Bake Off winner continued, explained how he was outed by a teacher when he was just 14 years old,

“It reminds me of how much we needed that where we were little and it was never there. I grew up with a great deal of shame and I think if I’d seen two men dancing together it would have changed my life.”







Here is the stunningly beautiful dance, have a great weekend Instincters!


Sources: The Daily Mail

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  1. I really appreciate that gay dancers are featured in dance shows, I mean I’m a dancer and I will say about 90% of male dancers are gay that I’ve come across. I feel like every dance show should feature gay couple dancing it’s way more powerful as well.


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