A Netflix Series About Two Filipino Gaymers?!

Image via Netflix

Gameboys is now on Netflix (and with new content)!

Netflix recently released a re-cut version of the Filipino web series Gameboy, now titled Gameboys Level-Up Edition. This new version of the series includes new scenes and additional footage, which helps to explore the characters further. In addition, a second season of Gameboys has been announced and a movie project will happen after that. Plus, a lesbian romance spin-off with a bisexual female lead is currently airing.


Gameboys Level-Up Edition follows teenage streamer Cairo. At the series’ start, Cairo receives a video call from an online rival named Gavreel. To Cairo’s surprise, Gavreel asks the streamer out on a date. But with the world in the midst of a global pandemic, will the two gamers fall in love or fall into a game over?

Image via Netflix

The Boy’s Love or BL genre is exploding in Asia, and it has officially found a stable following in the Philippines. The gay romance genre – which originated in Japan and was originally made by women for women, but is more recently gaining a greater queer following/creator-base – has often been reshaped as different countries claim it as their own. In Korea, BL is thriving in web comics and BL tv dramas have been celebrated in Thailand for years. As for the Philippines, the Thai drama 2gether became a mainstream sensation. That then led to the creation of Gameboys.

Gameboys is considered the first, or one of the first at the very least, Filipino BL series. The web series was executive produced by Perci Intalan and Jun Lana under their production company The IdeaFirst Company. The series stars Kokoy de Santos (Gavreel) and Elijah Canlas (Cairo) in the lead roles. Then, Gameboys was directed by Ivan Andrew Payawal and written by Ash Malanum.

If you want to watch Gameboys, you can watch the original series on YouTube. Or, you can watch the extended cut on Netflix.

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