A Never Before Heard Dance Track from Patti LaBelle & Full Force Get An Official Release

After three decades, a never before heard collaboration between music legend Patti LaBelle & performing and production group Full Force is finally seeing the light of day, as the dance track “Ain’t Nuthin’ But A Feelin” gets the full remix package release treatment. 


First, a little background; 1989 saw both LaBelle and Full Force enjoying phenomenal success, so a collaboration between the soul empress and the spectacular producers was natural. When LaBelle recorded the album Free Yourself, the single “Ain’t Nuthin’ But A Feelin’ was part of that recording studio session. The track was produced and written by Full Force, with background vocals and instrumentals performed by Full Force and “Thanks For My Child” singer Cheryl Pepsii Riley. There are several mixes on the package, from the “Cleaning House Mix” and the “The Ozone Layer Mix,” both of which are helmed by DJ Geenius (Baby Gerry of Full Force), in addition to the “M & M Mix” that was crafted by Remixer/Producer/DJ John Morales. To add to the authenticity factor of the tracks, each remix was created using the song’s original analog tapes.

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