A New Anti-LGBTQ Emoji Has Taken Social Media By Storm

A new anti-LGBTQ emoji is popping up on social media.

You may have noticed in the past few days that homophobes and LGBTQ people alike are using a new emoji. The emoji shows a typical pride flag, but it then has a strikethrough symbol layered on top.

The emoji is not an official one, but it has popped up on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Though, it can only be seen on mobile apps. Whereas, laptop/desktop users see a pride flag with a strikethrough next to it and not on top.

On Twitter, as with most things on that social media platform, there has been a split in discussion and usage of the emoji. Some are alarmed by the emoji’s very existence while others, including LGBTQ people, are using the emoji to make jokes.

Later, one twitter user named Mitchell confessed to being the first to tweet the emoji on Monday evening. The user says he found the flaw in Apple’s code a month ago. According to Out, the user combined two Unicode blocks to make the single emoji.

Mitchell then expressed joy at seeing LGBTQ people using the emoji ironically, but worried about its use by homophobes.

Unfortunately, his fears could easily become reality as the emoji has spread to Facebook and Instagram.

So far, Apple has yet to comment on this development.

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