A New Children’s Book Features Gay Romance Between A Prince And A Knight

LGBTQ-inclusive children’s stories are slowly coming out.


From a Black/Gay Santa, to a gay schoolboy crush video, and gay fairytale animations, children’s stories with LGBTQ heroes and protagonists are slowly rolling out. Now, we’re happy to share with you the latest one to grace our attention.

Prince & Knight turns classic fantasy stories on their heads with two male leads. The picture book by Daniel Haack and illustrated by Stevie Lewis is about a prince who’s looking to marry. Unable to find a fitting princess who also moves his heart, the prince eventually meets a knight whom he falls for.


Haack spoke with Freedom for All Americans to discuss the book and why he created it.

"I work in children’s media, and I really saw that there was such a dearth of any LGBTQ representation anywhere in the space,” he said.

He also added:

“There are so many kids today that aren’t seeing their own families or friends’ families represented in any of the books they read or shows they watch and I wanted to tell a story that showed LGBTQ people as heroes and love interests and do it in a way that was really both kid-friendly and universal.”

“It was especially important for me to show a same-sex romance between two human characters and prove that it can be done in a way that is accessible to kids,” said Haack.


The book is already available to purchase and is only the first in a series of four books with LGBTQ protagonists. Daniel Haack and several other authors are creating these stories with the help of GLAAD and Bonnier Publishing USA.

The next book to be released is called Jack (Not Jackie) and is written by Erica Silverman and illustrated by Holly Hatam. The story follows the elder sister of Jack (who prefers to not be called Jackie), and her struggle to accept her younger sibling. Jack (Not Jackie) is expected to release in October.

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