A New Survey Says Many College Students Are Engaging In Same-Sex Encounters

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A new survey found that a lot of young men who identify as straight have engaged in gay sex.


Recently, the Archives of Sexual Behavior published a survey titled, “Heterosexual College Students Who Hookup With Same-Sex Partners."

The survey was conducted by Arielle Kuperberg from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Alicia M. Walker from Missouri State University.

The survey had about 24,000 undergraduate college students participating. The results found that out of all the respondents who have engaged in gay sex at least once, one in eight identify as heterosexual.

Possibly the most interesting information discovered from the survey was the classification of types of straight people who would engage in gay sex.


“Three types,” the research paper explained, “comprising 60% of students, could be classified as mostly private sexual experimentation among those with little prior same-sex experience, including some who did not enjoy the encounter.”

“The other two types in this group enjoyed the encounter,” they continued, “But differed on drunkenness and desire for a future relationship with their partner.”

On top of that, many people explained away their same-sex encounters as “performative bisexuality” and not a significant sign of their sexual orientation. That said, only 12 percent of respondents felt that way.


Meanwhile, 28 percent of respondents “strong religious practices and/or beliefs that may preclude a non-heterosexual identity, including 7 percent who exhibited ‘internalized heterosexism.”

Basically meaning, 28 percent of respondents were so heavily religious that they formed toxic and homophobic thoughts. This happened despite any previously performed same-sex acts.

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Clearly, this survey shows that there are still some toxic mentalities towards homosexuality forming in today's youth despite their natural exploration of sexuality.

That said, perhaps the increasing visibility of LGTBQ life and people is making it more possible for many to have these experiments, even if it’s only for a moment.

h/t: GayPopBuzz, Pink News

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