A Onesie Wonderland, Salvatore Santa, And Bear Soup

Tintin Padwin offered an invitation to join him on Instagram
Tintin Padwin extended an invitation (via Instagram)

Sharing some of our favorite Instagram posts this week starting out with this invitation from Tintin Padwin:


Shomari Francis went for the layered look:

Kevin and Tim discovered there’s a pool at the Punta Cana airport???

Chris Salvatore has his sexy Santa look down:

Sean Soto definitely did NOT skip leg day:

The Chippendales delivered a bountiful bevy of bicycles for the annual local KLUC toy drive:

If you’re a snack and you know it raise your hand…


This fantasy Santa looks like a pretty ‘horny’ guy”

Wes DuPee got to the gym – “It was good.”

When you find yourself in a onesie wonderland:

A onesie wonderland (via Instagram/the_underdog89)

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