A Pittsburgh Man Is Accused Of Chopping His Gay Roommate’s Head Off

John Dickinson / Image via Pittsburgh Department of Public Safety

A Pennsylvania man has been arrested after witnesses say he confessed to beheading his ex-boyfriend.

46-year-old Kevin Thompson was found dead and his disembodied corpse was found all over his home by police.

Thompson’s mother called Pittsburgh police to report that she hadn’t spoken to her son in two weeks. When she went to his house to check, she found stains in his kitchen and she became too afraid to investigate further.

When the police got to his home on Parkfield Street, they immediately discovered the stain Thompson’s mother reported. Police report that the kitchen floor and walls up to Thompson’s bedroom were covered in dried blood.

After further investigating, the police realized that a strong oder was coming from the backyard shed. There, police discovered flies surrounding a bag of dog food. Inside that was a garbage bag, and inside that second bag was blood and human remains.

The shed also contained plastic bags which held various limbs and a severed head. Afterwards, police also found a human torso in the house’s basement, which was wrapped in two trash bags.

The medical examiner not only confirmed that the victim was Thompson, but that he died of blunt force trauma and multiple stab wounds to the chest. Officials believe the murder happened sometime between May 27 and May 29.

Kevin Thompson / Image via Facebook

After the news got out about Thompson’s murder, 42-year-old John Dickinson was soon arrested and accused of being the killer.

Two witnesses told the police that he had confessed to being the murderer. They state that they were watching tv with Dickinson when news came on about Thompson’s murder. Allegedly, Dickinson then told them, “I did it.”

Another witness came forward to share that Dickinson had stayed with him around that time. The witness later found a notebook that inside said, “This is John Dickinson. I am responsible for the death of Kevin Thompson. I had no help whatsoever.”

He then took Dickinson to a tent where the suspect decided to stay for the weekend before driving over to the closest police department.

Things got even worse for Dickinson when it was discovered that he not only knew Thompson, but was his roommate.

John Dickinson

Apparently, the two have known each other for decades and even dated in the 1990s. Dickinson, who was down on his luck, was offered a place to stay by Thompson and the two became roommates.

One friend told news sources, “John moving in with Kevin, would’ve known full-well what Kevin would be thinking. He would know that Kevin was thinking that John wanted to get back together with him…It’s incredibly disgusting. It’s a sick mind.”

Apparently, that was the case as the two witnesses who were watching tv with Dickinson reported his version of the murder.

 Allegedly, Thompson came onto Dickinson who then got upset. This led to an altercation that started in the upstairs bedroom and continued to the living room, kitchen, and basement.

Dickinson is now in police custody and is being charged with criminal homicide, abuse of a corpse, and possibly more to come.

h/t: The Post Gazette, CBS’s KDKA

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