A Popular Character Returns on the Latest ‘Will & Grace’

Will & Grace saw the return of a very popular character tonight, the 2nd overall after Harry Connick Jr's Leo made an appearance in episode three of the reboot.

This time around, it was more laughter than drama, as Karen Walker's arch nemesis Beverly Leslie (Leslie Jordan) made his triumphant return to once again be a thorn in her side.  This time around he made a startling confession that (didn't) shock Karen at all… he finally admitted that he was gay!

Karen finds out that a room she usually books went to someone else.  That someone being Beverly, who is the only character that can really screw up her life in some form of way.  He's still married to his 90 year old wife Crystal, who Karen thought died but she evidently woke back up after the first shoveled soil on her.  This was all revealed when Beverly was high on morphine in his bed, where he also told Karen he was a homosexual and that his (2nd) business associate Benji wasn't just that.  I mean, duh.

This might be the best part of the episode tonight, as the storyline between Will & Grace seems like one that has been done already.  Grace is in line to do a major design with a hotel king, and needs to seal the deal in order to make it happen so she "pimps" out Will and has the two men go on a date.  Will is also in line to become senior partner at his firm, which gives him major doubts and during their date he starts crying hysterically while overflowing his glass of wine.  His date leaves, Grace freaks out, and tries to salvage the business situation as opposed to being there for her friend.

Jack's storyline is silly as usual, as he owns half a winning lottery ticket, or he thinks he does.  Honestly, the best part of this episode was between Beverly and Karen.  It shows just how incredibly funny they are with each other.  One of my favorite lines?  Karen: "I was at the minibar, or as you call it… bar."  Hehe.

Next week's episode is named "Rosario's Quinceanera," does this mean SHE'S BACK? 

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