A Religious Group Says Rihanna’s Pushing A “Gay Illuminati” Agenda On Senegal

Pop star Rihanna is gearing up for a visit to Senegal, but a religious group called “No to Freemasonry and Homosexuality” says she’s coming to push a “gay Illuminati” plot on the country.


The real story is that Rihanna’s attending a conference in Senegal on Friday as an ambassador for the Global Partnership for Education. The singer and ambassador is also set to meet with the French president Emmanuel Macron while she’s there.

That said, the group that’s made up of about 30 Islamic groups wants Rihanna banned from visiting the country.

As spokesperson Cheikh Oumar Diagne told Jeune Afrique, “[She] doesn’t hide it: she’s part of the Illuminati, a branch of Freemasons.”

While Senegal is relatively tolerant, it is a deeply religious country where 90% of citizens identify as Muslim. That said, the government has not commented on the situation or said if they were considering this plea to ban Rihanna.


In the meantime, the Global Partnership for Education is trying to push an agenda to support underprivileged children (not LGBTQ rights). The coalition is trying to raise $2 billion by 2020 for that goal.

“We’re hoping that the conference marks the moment that momentum shifts globally on education and education financing,” Julia Gillard, the chair of the GPE board and Australia’s former prime minister, said before the meeting.

“Over the last few years, there’s been growing global interest in education, particularly girls’ education, but financing hasn’t as yet followed. We need a step change.”

h/t: Newsweek

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  2. Honestly this BS is driving

    Honestly this BS is driving me crazy. I don't know why people think like that. My voice isn't enough though, so there's nothing I can do. 


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