A Sexy Priest Calendar? Lord Help Us!

Forgive us Father, for we are about to sin.

Now’s the time you start to order your calendars for the new year. While many resort to cute animals, hot firefighters, or sexy bombshells posing on Lamborghinis, now there is something else for the more pious that will keep them organized and titillated all year through.

Photo by Piero Pazzi

A calendar featuring sexy priests has gained some attention thanks to TikTok. User @rebyhardy posted a video from Vatican City where she came across the Calendario Romano, where a yearlong display of gorgeous men who love to pray caught her attention.


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The video has since gone viral with over 3.2 million views and it has TikTokers saying “Oooooooooh, Padre!”

But is it real?

Well, the website for Calendario Romano seems to be very real. The calendar, now in its 18th circulation, was created by Venetian-born photographer Piero Pazzi, who must have an affinity for men of the cloth. 

Photo by Piero Pazzi

Pazzi has shared the models are all real priests, who he has photographed during Holy Week in Rome and in Seville, Spain. The priests do not give their names, but Pazzi has affirmed that they are happy to pose for the photograph in order to convey a religious sentiment.

Yeah, that’s what’s happening here.

Photo by Piero Pazzi

Pazzi has also shared that he focuses the calendar on young priests in order to call to the devotion and faith for the Catholic church. Okay, but why are they hot?

Calendars can be found in all kiosks and souvenir stores throughout Rome and Venice. The calendar costs 10 Euros.

If you want to purchase online, there’s a minimum of two calendars plus shipping costs with shipments all over the world. 

Photo by Piero Pazzi

Aside from the sexy priests, who we have yet to validate their vows, Calendario Romano also offers general information about Vatican City including statistics, the role of the Pope, tourist information about museums and galleries, and other points of interest.

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For many, this is a controversial novelty item that could even be triggering and for that, we apologize.

For everyone else, get your weird sexy priest fantasy on and order your Calendario Romano before the new year.

Photo by Piero Pazzi

Source: TikTok, Italy Magazine

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