A Two For One Man Crush On This Labor Day Monday!

photo credit: instagram//tommywinkler

Influences and YouTube fitness sensations Winkler Bros are here this Labor Day to help those of us still aiming for that elusive summer body. The two college athletes with almost 390k subscribers transformed their bodies by doing 100 sit-ups every day for one month. They documented their progress with one of their latest videos — and the results are pretty inspiring. {and yes, they show you every one of those 3,000 sit-ups!}



Seems pretty simple, right! One hundred. Every day. The time-lapsed video shows the siblings religiously completing the task they set for themselves on a daily basis. Even sharing their weight at the beginning with their subscribers. Their tactics pay off in leaps and bounds as the two proudly pat their flat stomachs on day 30. Commenters relayed their amazement and thanked them for motivating them to do the same,

Cmon guys we got this 100 a day!!! I’m going to record myself and do a comparison at the end of the 30 days. Cheers for the motivation guys. (Spiritual AU)

Oh my god I can not believe it, like it is wonderful. I can’t believe that it is the same person. (Gayane Aleksanyan)

This is insane, I REALY have to try this! (Jackson Smith)


Their YouTube channel has numerous videos documenting what the boys eat in a day or only eating certain foods for a day. {we will pass right by the ‘eating only Chic-Fil-A for a day’ one…)




Thanks for being our Man Crushes on this Labor Day Monday, Winkler Bros!

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