A Video Dubbed As “The Gay Agenda” Goes Viral Online!

Another day, another viral video, and this one’s perfect for Pride Month <3 A hunky man recently went viral online after doing a certain something after completing his workout…

In the video, the man is doing impressive bar work, and he makes it seem so effortless. He is wearing a light pink tank top with turquoise arm bands and similar colored shoes. However, what came unexpected was when he went down the bar and ran towards the crowd — adorably, might we add.

Not to mention, the caption of the video reads:


“When the gays show the straights how it’s done during pride month.”

You can watch the video to see it for yourself:


As of this writing, the video has gained 1.1 million views on X (previously Twitter), as of this writing. Meanwhile, here’s what the netizens are saying:

“I’m obsessed with the group being called ‘the gay agenda,'” an X user commented, to which the poster replied with:

“The perfect name.”

“Gay ppl are so cute and silly, I love them,” another user gushed.

“All I noticed was the smile on his face. Fit and happy. He doesn’t care what people think about his running style,” a user also pointed out.


“The daintiest run I’ve ever seen  I’m obsessed lmaoo,” an X user wrote.

“The run is everything! (although the bar work is impressive too),” another user expressed.

“Never going to be prepared with that tho Hahahaha I love him  queen energy With the gay agenda,” a user also commented.

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