A Warning Or A Threat? Restaurant Owner Displays Bathroom Etiquette Signs For Transgender Customers

Policing bathrooms and where people pee seems to be an 'Merikan past time these days.  Around 10 months ago, Bob Warner, an Oklahoma City restaurant owner, taped the two pieces of paper seen above on a window of his restaurant, the Steak and Catfish Barn:

"We do not have a transgender bathroom. So don't be caught in the wrong one. Thank you, Bob." 

Well Bob, if there is only one RESTROOM and people have to KEEP IT CLEAN, is there a wrong one?  Make sure you grammar check your bigotry. It's been up for 10 months and no one has corrected him on that?

Yes, this is the wrong argument to have at this time, but I do dislike errors (eye maik enuff i no).

Here's the video report from local news channel KFOR where Bob describes his motives.



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"I don't want to see nobody hurt," Warner said.  Do you believe him?  Or has he had 10 months to think of his excuse.  But sometimes people do mean well, they just don't know how to carry it out the right way.

What should Bob do?

Should he take the signs down?

Or should he redo the signs to say:



And yes, I know ignorant and here are wrong. This whole thing is wrong.

h/t:  mic.com

What do you think?