Aaron Carter Says Goodbye Before Heading To Rehab

Screenshots via Twitter

Yesterday, we shared the news that friends and neighbors were concerned about singer Aaron Carter’s health.

They reported that he was a danger to himself and others as he threatened to harm himself and was heavily indulging in drugs.

Then, the police got involved after the requests from these concerned parties reached them, but the police ultimately felt him safe enough to not intervene.

But, later that day an update arose where Carter’s rep shared that the singer would be seeking help through rehab.

Today, we’re hear to share with you what the singer says will be his last words before he goes “literally” dark to undergo said help.

Aaron Carter took to twitter to share words with his fans (and change his profile picture to a black screen) as he says this will be his last time on social media and potentially in the public eye (at least personally) till possibly sometime next year.

In addition to stating that he’s leaving social media until 2018, Carter also reveals some more information. First, he states that all of this is about his own personal well-being and has nothing to do with his family. In fact, he says he’s completely cut his family out of his life.

That said, don’t think this is the end of Aaron Carter and his music career. In fact, it’s just the start. Not only does he plan to go on tour next year, but he also states that while he’s gone he’ll be releasing a single and album in October and November.

Screenshot via Twitter

While I hope the best for Aaron Carter and his health, its also interesting that he’ll be dropping a single and album while he’s away and decided to announce this as people report on his going to rehab.

Though to be fair and give him the benefit of the doubt, he might have had the releases planned some time ago and this rehab stay was an unfortunate but necessary surprise to that schedule.

Again, I hope the best for Aaron Carter and wish him well as he tries to beat his demons. But like with Perez Hilton, I have to note the suspiciousness of using his recovery for promotion.

Lets make sure that Aaron Carter's health is what all of this is really about.

Note: These final thoughts are of Instinct's writer's and not of Instinct Magazine itself.

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