Aaron Hernandez Is Getting The Ryan Murphy Treatment

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The First Season Of American Sports Story Will Focus On Alleged Bisexual Footballer, Aaron Hernandez

Traditional sports fans may remember former New England Patriots tight end, Aaron Hernandez, for his talents in a football stadium. True Crime lovers will remember him for his conviction for the murder of uprising football star, Odin Lloyd, acquittal in another homicide, eventual suicide, and also living a discreetly bisexual life. Hernandez and his crimes were the focus of a Netflix documentary, yet his hidden sexuality was seemingly ignored in favor for discussing his father allegedly sexually abusing him and how that shaped his mind and actions growing into his adult years. Following the Netflix documentary, Hernandez’s alleged high school boyfriend, Dennis SanSoucie, has gone on record telling of their relationship. It’s also heavily alleged Hernandez had a boyfriend while in prison. While these were not present to the wider public, American Horror Story’s creator may be changing the narrative most are used too.


According to Entertainment Weekly, Ryan Murphy is adding another series to his ever expanding True Crime franchise titled American Sports Story. The first season will focus on Hernandez’s entire history, including his family and ‘identity’ (AKA bisexuality). The anthology series will revolve around various controversial sports stars in separate and potentially non-related seasons. Stu Zicherman, of The Americans and Jennifer Gardner’s 2005 superhero flick Elektra, is serving as writer of the first season, so we can definitely expect a well-rounded script. With Murphy at the helm, we all know he’s going to include the bisexuality storyline, which besides being incredibly interesting to dive into the mind of a closeted, violent person, it could potentially be helpful for anyone in the same situation.

No other details have been released, but you can bet Hernandez’s story will draw in a large audience and this is going to be one hell of a show.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Wow, I’m chomping at the bit in anticipation to see Mr. Murphy peeling open Aaron Hernandez sexual scab. This treatment can only be done properly by master himself.

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  3. Instinct, Instinct, Instinct. Still hiding behind that ‘ “OPINIONS” PRESENTED AS FACTS ‘ are totes absolutes not-our-fault, it’s not like we are airing them in public, or not like we are giving them band-width. Totes not our fault!!!

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  4. I met Aaron Hernandez when he was with the Patriots during training camp and I got his used sweaty, dirty autograph t-shirt. He was a big dude, an incredible football player but he was really a super bad guy. I still to this day jerk off to him while sniffing his used t-shirt. Sorry, but bad guys turn me on!!!


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