ABC News Correspondent James Longman Reminisces On His First Gay Kiss

ABC News Correspondent James Longman recently shared a video on his Instagram account wherein he went down memory lane as he shared the story of his first gay kiss.

The 36-year-old English journalist filmed the video while he was in Brighton, and he even showed where the kiss took place.

“That was where I had my first ever gay kiss! I remember, I must have been 18, and I was really nervous,” Longman stated after pointing at a gay bar across the sea front.


He continued on telling a detailed story of the kiss saying,

“I saw a guy, and he had short blonde hair. He had like frosted tips. And I remember he seemed so old to me. He was like old enough for my grandad or something. Probably younger than I am now. Anyway, we had a little kiss, and our teeth scraped together. That’s the main thing I mostly remember from that experience.”


Longman recently tied the knot with former fiancé Alex Brannan, and the two of them held their union at the Old Marylebone Town Hall in London on July 24 of this year.

Prior to his Brighton video, the lovely married couple traveled to Sweden where they took some beautiful photos together and with friends.


What about your first gay kiss.  Do you remember?  Was it good for you?  Was the second better and more memorable? 

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  1. My first gay kiss was with the man who took my virginity , we were just friends , but it was an awesome kiss , he REALLY could kiss. We were just friends and no more came of it, he had a hot body but I was looking for a relationship , which I found two years later , and we were together four and a half years , that was a long time ago.I am now married for twenty six years , have two kids and two grandkids .


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