Absurdly Hot Model Keegan Whicker’s Pics are Leaked!

Keegan Whicker, who has the lovely duality career wise of being a model and an industrial engineer, has been teasing his close to 500,000 followers on Instagram with some barely there photos that leave very little to the imagination.

Even the one he posted today of him cooking in nothing but a pair of loosely-fitting red shorts should be enough to quench our thirst, however thanks to the good people at !! omg blog !!, they were able to find Keegan in all of his glory, and these photos don't disappoint one bit.

Face wise, he's furry, but below, he's shaved.  So if you are into that kind of duality as well, just like he does with his career options, then click on this NSFW link here

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  1. How does one get moist over a

    How does one get moist over a bald chicken?!?! You can can be the most beautiful person there is, however the moment you shave your pubes, can't get moist for that!!!!#TEAM70sBUSH

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