Academy-Winner Lee Daniels Announces Plans To Make A Gay Superhero Movie

Academy Award-winning director Lee Daniels wants to make a gay superhero movie.


Two weeks ago, a video went viral of a man doing martial arts moves while wearing pink high heeled boots.

The man behind the video was a Washington D.C. resident and dance teacher named Dremon Cooper. Cooper was trying to jumpstart a social media presence, and it looks like he made a leap of faith straight to stardom.

Not only did Cooper’s video go viral on both Instagram and Twitter, but one famous director saw it and now wants to work with him.

Yesterday, Precious, The Paperboy, and The Butler director Lee Daniels posted a video on Instagram. In it, he sits with his arm around Cooper while saying, “Okay, do y’all remember, maybe 10, 12 years ago, I said my dream was to make a gay superhero film? Well guess what?”

Daniels announces that he’s now working on a superhero film with the intention of making Cooper the star.


“Dreams do come true, and I found my superhero. And America, world get ready ‘cause…”

“I’m about to give y’all a combo,” Cooper adds, quoting a catchphrase from several of his videos.


We suspect that this video is more of an announcement of intention more than an official film reveal. This film is most likely in the earliest of its conception and no where near production yet.

That said, it looks like Lee Daniels is gauging audience interest in the film, and the 21,312 likes and 2,269 comments on the video show that there is some.

Would you like to see a gay superhero film directed by Lee Daniels and acted by Dremon Cooper? Let us know down in the comments.

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