Activism / Marches Grow In Number In Response To Orlando Tragedy.

Where do we go from Orlando?  What should we do as a community, as a nation, to respond to the Orlando shootings? I think most of us in the LGBT community believe Orlando was more an act of a closeted individual battling with his own demons, battling two worlds, two lives, and dealing with hate of Muslims and gays all around.  If you disagree with the cause, the result is the same.  The death of 49 innocent individuals.  The sound of the rhythmic gunfire within the walls of Pulse nightclub will never ever be erased from my mind.  I cannot imagine hearing that in person, either inside or outside, it would be even more haunting, more scarring, more chilling. 

What can we do besides remember, change our profile pic, and hope that politicians may get something right?  One couple in Florida decided to get together with friends and complete strangers to organize National March for Gun  Yes, Orlando was the catalyst, but the group realizes there is more to this gun issue than Pulse.

Upon hearing about the massacre that occurred on June 12, 2016 at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, we could no longer stand in prayer with arms extended holding another candle vigil without taking action.

The following day, we posted an event on Facebook that merely stated, "I've had enough. I'm forming a million human march in Tallahassee, Florida. Who's in?" Within less than 24 hours, we had over 24,000 shares and 2,000 volunteers from Americans wanting to help us with our cause. With that, we formed the National March for Gun Control, which will be a series of highly publicized marches designed to mobilize the millions of Americans who've had enough with government inaction in the face of unchecked gun violence.

Our first event will be a march taking place September 4th 2016 at 11:00 am in front of the state capital in Tallahassee, Florida.

The group cites many atrocities, not just Orlando.  Its Facebook page recently cited new facts about guns in Miami. "An average of 22 bullets per day were fired in an area spanning about four square miles – 8280 bullets. That's 8280 bullets too many!"

National March for Gun also knows that Floridians aren't the only citizens that have been affected by Orlando and the every day violence we see, hear, feel.  Maybe you can follow in its footsteps and organize something in your own state?   Contact them and see what you can do!

Florida organizers have cited Disarm Hate 2016 as another march for the cause, taking to Washington D.C. on August 13th. 

Disarm Hate 2016 founder, Jason Hayes, explains what motivated him to start the movement for LGBT equal rights and realistic gun control reform.


I have some friends from Florida that cannot attend the Tallahassee march, but are able to attend the D.C. march in 2 weeks.  There's still time to plan and attend. 

There are several other marches, demonstrations occurring spearheaded by LGBT members.  Another recently in the news addressed a concern we had recently, CrossFit Games To Give GLOCK Pistols To Winners. Tasteless Publicity Stunt Or A Return To Its Roots?


Anti-gun lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) group Gays Against Guns (GAG) took action again this past weekend, protesting and shutting down two different NYC CrossFit locations over the decision to award winners of this year’s CrossFit Games glock handguns as prizes.

GAG gathered outside of the Reebok store on 5th Avenue and 38th street, which hosts CrossFit classes, on Saturday, chanting “Reebok, CrossFit, open your eyes/A gun is lethal, not a prize” and “Shame, shame, shame!” Queer Nation and New Yorkers Against Gun Violence joined the organization, collectively staging a die-in ― a form of protest used throughout the late ‘80s ‘90s by ACT UP! and Queer Nation in response to the AIDS crisis.

The groups were collectively protesting the decision by the CrossFit Games to award the top male athlete, top female athlete and members of every winning team glock pistols as prizes. Reebok is the title sponsor for the CrossFit game.

In response, Reebok cancelled the day’s CrossFit classes at the 5th Avenue location and locked the store’s doors. The protest group then moved to another Reebok located at 1 Union Square West, which also locked its doors. –



For more info, head over to The New York Chapter of Gays Against Guns Facebook Page.  If you wish to start your own local chapter, go to .

So what have you done since Orlando?  That is, if you feel something should be done.  Have you planned to attend Disarm Hate 2016?  Will you look into financially supporting one of the marches?  Have you called your senator?



What do you think?