Actor Accuses Hollywood Executive Of Sexual Assault!

Actor Accuses Hollywood Executive Of Sexual Assault!

He Names The Man In Emotional Facebook Post!

It would be amazing to sit here on a calm Wednesday night in Los Angeles but the storm is still brewing throughout the air and everyone is on the edge of their seats. Have we all lost count of the alleged sexual assaults that have taken place or the “Me Too” status updates we’ve seen? It’s not even a number anymore, it’s ENDLESS! We are in the age of social media and everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame. Some are using it to make money, show their bodies, and tell their stories. Thankfully, technology has given some of those silenced a pedestal to stand on. I’m here to hand them a megaphone.

I am so sick and tired of seeing people in Hollywood trying to pursue their dreams only to get taken advantage of. There isn’t a week that goes by when I don’t hear a horror story of someone being harassed or sexually assaulted. I just recently posted about a Hollywood Executive, Michael Einfeld, who harassed his assistant and lost his job for it. There has been gossip for years especially about the gay Executives in Hollywood. These are the same men donating the most to the Human Rights Campaign. Yes, these powerful men who have allegedly silenced so many are getting to select exactly who receives the Trailblazer of the year award. Even though, you know, these “trailblazers” are in the know of what has been rumored for years to be true. Allegedly, they were in the mix the entire. Trailblazers, sure, or just the survivors? “Gay” Hollywood almost reminds me of a scene from the incredible film, Gia. Angelina Jolie’s voiceover as the sensational Gia Caranji makes an all-too familiar claim:

“Ahh, piece of meat come here. Show me your bag. And they stick your finger in you. I just want to taste your temperature. Go see, go see, go see…go see somebody else.”

According to The Daily Beast, Hollywood’s other secret is how young boys are taken advantage of. This is not news for many of us. They reference Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. Feldman has alleged for years that Hollywood is full of powerful pedophiles who prey on young boys.

“Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in 2016, Feldman said: “[Haim] had more direct abuse than I did. With me, there were some molestations, and it did come from several hands, so to speak, but with Corey, his was direct rape, whereas mine was not actual rape. And his also occurred when he was 11. My son is 11 now, and I can’t even begin to fathom the idea of something like that happening to him. It would destroy his whole being. As I look at my son, a sweet, innocent, 11-year-old boy and then try to put him in Corey Haim’s shoes, I go, ‘Oh my God—well of course he was erratic and not well-behaved on sets and things like that.’ What more could we expect of him really?”

The Daily Beast article continues to talk about the gay men in Hollywood who have plenty of alleged allegations against them. They then blatantly show us actress Evan Rachel Wood’s Tweet:


No other words are necessary for Singer.


The article continues to discuss Terry Crews’ allegations and how convicted director, Victor Salva, single handily ruined the Jeepers Creepers franchise and his own reputation by pleading guilty to sex with a boy under the age of 14.

Now, I check my social media and see a shared status update from actor Blaise Godbe. Godbe shares his alleged sexual assault from a powerful, Hollywood Executive. His story will make you emotional and the comments following his statement will turn your stomach. Check out his full statement below:

Then, the comments began pouring in with praise, similar stories, and support from one of our favorite celebrities and biggest LGBTQ allies:

Yes, you are reading that correctly. An actual Hollywood Trailblazer, Rose McGowan, is supporting Godbe and showing her support.

The alleged accuser, Tyler Grasham, surrounds himself with young men and advertises it on social media.

I almost didn’t share Godbe's story. The alleged accuser, Grasham, mirrors as a literary agent for an incredibly credible agency in Hollywood. For a ridiculous second, I began to think: Should I reach out to Grasham instead? Should I continue to let Godbe remain unheard…if it can benefit me? What could I have been thinking? How selfish could that thought have been? I realized that I’ve gotten this far on my own so it looks like I’m paving my own path. I refuse to be like the rest of Hollywood who allegedly allowed sexual assault survivors to cry in a corner alone. A revolution in sexual assault and Hollywood has begun.

Check out Godbe's full Facebook post below:



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