Actor Alex Diaz Came Out As Bi

Image via Instagram @alexandermcdizz

Filipino-Scottish actor Alex Diaz has come out as bisexual. Unfortunately, it’s under uncontrollable circumstances.

Diaz officially came out through an Instagram post which includes a tv show caption with the following text:

“What will people say?” reads one quote.

“This sentence has killed more dreams than anything else in the world?” reads the other.

Diaz then wrote a public statement and an open letter along with the Instagram photo to come out and explain why he was doing so.

Diaz has recently found himself in a bit of controversy after he tried to flirt with a fitness coach. According to screenshots posted on Filipino entertainment news site PEP, Diaz sent sexts to fitness celebrity Miguel Chanco. Chanco then screenshotted those conversations and posted them to Facebook. The post was later deleted after LGBTQ people and Diaz’s fans shamed Chanco for trying to out Diaz.

Diaz then pledged on Instagram to no longer be afraid to be his truest self in public.

“Never again will I be shackled by the fear of what might be said about who I am for fear of losing my career and instead, I will seek help, heal, and champion change, acceptance, and representation for the bisexual community and/or anyone who is met with prejudice in our society,” Diaz wrote in the caption.  

“I ask forgiveness from my management, the brands, supporters, friends, my family and everyone else I let down by what I did and/or who I am,” he also wrote. “I’m sorry, I was wrong in my actions and failed to uphold the values I so strongly try to convey online. It was not my intention to hurt anyone or elude the truth of who I am for all these years but rather a showbiz decisions based on the state of our nation in regards to acceptance and representation of who I am.”

Being gay in the Philippines is a complicated existence. The country is heavily Catholic and thus comes with some conservative mentality. That said, the social environment within the country has been influenced by the Philippines’ close connection to Western governments. As such, the country is ranked as one of the most gay-friendly nations in Asia. While there are no anti-discrimination ordinances on the national level, there are several ones at the local government level. In addition, transgender people are recognized and allowed to change their legal gender.

As evidence of this, Diaz found a strong support base from Filipino citizens throughout this entire incident.

“I sincerely thank everyone for not failing to remind me that I am human and that I too am loved,” Diaz said.

He then added:

“My passion is performing, making people happy & making people smile. My only hope is that I can continue to use this platform to do such in whatever new path this universe-given experience has opened up for me. For now, I will rest, reevaluate and come back stronger and better than ever. I love you all, I have learned and I am growing. Thank you.”

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