Actor Charlie Barnett is Engaged!

At the helm of the season two premiere of Russian Doll, actor Charlie Barnett announced that he is engaged!

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The 34-year-old cutie, who is known from other shows like Russian Doll, Special, Ordinary Joe, Tales of the City, and Chicago Fire, shared in an interview with Page Six that he and partner Drew Bender plan to get married in Wyoming.


Barnett and his set designer boo have been together for several years.


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Regarding their choice for the nuptials in Wyoming, Barnett shared about his love of the region:

I worked on a ranch for many summers while I was at school at Juilliard. It was a nice outlet from doing all this mental work, and I just needed to do something physical — build a fence, wrangle.

I’m from Florida, so I learned a lot. I got really educated on black cowboys, specifically female black cowboys, cowpeople? I don’t know how to say it. There’s a deep, rich history, especially in Wyoming and Montana, lot of runaway slaves, but we don’t talk about them.


Barnett went on to share that he may be the bridezilla in the couple, in spite of both of them being ‘very chill people’.

Wyoming is a difficult place to find things. That’s where I’ve been a bridezilla. Like, where the f–k do I find a porta potty in the vicinity of Salt Lake City? I don’t want to have to ship it.

The couple plans to forgo the traditional wedding cake and have pies at their bohemian style wedding instead due to the high altitude. Family and friends will stay in cabins and RVs according to Barnett.


Gays, they’re just like us!



Barnett stars opposite Natasha Lyonne in Russian Doll. The first season of the series surrounded the two of them caught in a perpetual time loop as they both continuously die and awaken the next day unharmed. 


Season two of Russian Doll is available for streaming on Netflix now.

Congratulations to Charlie and Drew!

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  1. I’ve seen him in The Happy Sad I don’t know how I didn’t know he’s gay but omg I’ve had a crush since I saw him in that. Congrats on the engagement.


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