Actor Curtis Hamilton Decides To Come Out On His New MTV Reality Show

The Real Friends Of WeHo is trying to deliver big drama in its freshman season! And they’re teasing this season with a routine “coming out” story, as cast member Curtis Hamilton has decided to officially come out as a gay man.

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Hamilton, 37, is one of the main characters of the heavily criticized MTV reality show that takes a gay spin on Bravo’s wildly successful Housewives franchise. Hamilton, known for his roles on Insecure and Kings of Napa — who was born in Italy and raised in Kentucky, had an intimate moment with fellow cast member Dorion Renaud that was filmed for the show.

Credit: Instagram/thecurtishamilton

He revealed to Renaud that he was scared of officially coming out because of his career, public criticism and backlash from his family. He confides in Renaud (and to all of MTV’s viewers), that he’s “scared as fu*k.”

Hamilton spoke with TV Insider, stating that the process was really “scary”:

“I was super scared [to come out],” the actor tells us. “I hadn’t told people in close proximity in my life [about his sexuality]. One of my best friends found out on Twitter and was pissed. He just felt so bad that I didn’t tell him, but that’s just the life I’ve been living. For me to go on a reality show and open up to the world with something I’ve just been telling the people that know me the most about, it was really scary. But I just felt it was time. I’m still scared.”

-Curtis Hamilton to TV Insider

Credit: Instagram/thecurtishamilton

Despite this touching teaser, The Real Friends of WeHo continues to receive heavy criticism. While there are some that are excited about tuning into the new reality show, many members that are LGBTQ+ identifying are boycotting the series for a plethora of reasons.

What’s your take on The Real Friends of WeHo? Is it a desperate attempt of LGBTQ+ inclusion or will you be watching in support of the new show and its gay stars?

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Source: Gaye Magazine , TV Insider

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