Actor Selectively Remembers Parts Of His Faith When Blaming Gay/Dresses For His Miserable Life

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Let’s play the blame game called, “Who Can We Blame For My Bad Life.”  This week’s contestant is Brandon T. Jackson.  The not so recently successful actor is trying to blame his lack of acting gigs on the roles he has played.  Get the eye rolls ready.

In Tropic Thunder, Jackson played Alpa Chino, a rapper and actor who is not yet out and coyly admits to having feelings for a friend named Lance in one of the movie’s big ensemble scenes.

But speaking to TMZ this week, Jackson said the part went against his religious beliefs and he believes he “was on thin ice then with the father.”

“But he had his mercy. His grace was there,” Jackson went on, adding that he doesn’t have regrets about “his journey” but has come to realize his “power source is from the most high god of Israel,” suggesting he wouldn’t make similar career choices today. – Newsweek

Sin 1 – Playing a gay guy in Tropic Thunder.  

I don’t mind people being religious, but when they use religion to somehow explain crappy choices they make in life, they don’t have any more credit. 

Jackson, who follows the ways of the Black Hebrew Israelite, claims that God has forgiven him for playing a gay character through his “mercy” and “grace”, but not before making his career suffer as a form of punishment for going against the commandments of the Torah.  Well, if he was such a devout religious boy, why did he stray?  Well, we all stray from time to time.  Poor Brandon.

Sin 2 – Wearing a dress and playing a woman in Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son.

In a recent interview with wine in hand, Jackson was promoting Trap City, but it ended up being a bitch fest about how bad his life was after working with Martin Short while wearing a dress.  It’s apparently a Torah no-no. 

He actually says (in the video below), “When I put on a dress, it came with a demon baby momma and a starter kid from hell.”  Drink up, Brandon, now supporting 4 kids from (well, we didn’t do the research to see how many) different mommas, and spill some more tea ( the dress comments start around 2:50).

But before you get to the movie, wasn’t he a success in the Percy Jackson movies?  

Sin 1.5?  Well if he was so distraught about wearing a dress and playing a woman in the Momma movie, shouldn’t he be distraught about when he wore the dress in a Percy Jackson movie and pretended to be a female Cyclops? But that movie was okay and that dress wearing wasn’t a sin since his life was okay at that time and the movie series was a success.

Sin 3 – Traif! 

Thou shall not wear a dress or play gay, but Jackson was okay acting as an animal (well, sentient being) that had cloven hooves and did not chew his cud. I had a little fun figuring out if a satyr would be considered an unclean animal in the eyes of god, and he was. Ps, traif is anything non-kosher.

Man should not eat “the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be cloven footed, yet he cheweth not the cud; he is unclean to you.” This means that the animals that can be eaten would need to have hooves in which each has two parts, cleft down the middle, and which also chew their cud, such as cows, goats, and sheep.

Okay,  fine,  he wasn’t eaten, or eating himself, but he was an unclean animal in the eyes of his higher power.

Sin 4 – Acting in movies that gave homage to other gods?

Hmmm, what is that first commandment in the Old Testament?

The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

But the Percy Jackson series would not go against the Torah,  right? I mean a movie called Big Momma’s house would not go against …  Dude,  if you’re religious, stay religious. IF religion is so important to you, then stick to it.  Don’t do it half-assed and only when it benefits you. Watch out, you might become an ‘Merican.

At this point, I would tell Brandon to S.T.F.U!  You made your bed with your choice of roles and where you stuck your baby butter. Grow up, own your own actions, own your mistakes.  For if god, excuse me, God were to smite thee, don’t you think he would have punished you for playing a filthy traif cross-dressing animal in a movie that glorified multiple gods? But no, those were hits, God liked those.  It’s the ones that involve a gay guy and cross-dressing, ‘cuz they flopped. 

Bye-bye, fair weather religious man.


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  1. And another wingnut crawls out of his hole to pontificate his ridiculous ideas about acting. Go off and start your own theater, man. There are plenty of plays that will serve your purpose, but remember, those types of characters look ridiculous and only illicit laughter when they appear onstage.


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