Actor Zach Braff Discovered Strangers Are Using Him To Advertise Erection Pills in Ukraine

Zach Braff / via Youtube @Buzzfeed

Apparently, actor Zach Braff is very busy in Ukraine and Russia.

If you don’t know him, Zach Braff is most recognized for playing the lead role John “J.D.” Dorian in the medical comedy Scrubs.

Scrubs ended almost ten years ago, but apparently, as Zach Braff discovered yesterday, some people still remember the good old J.D.

Braff posted a picture on twitter of his old role as it was being used on an ad. He was later informed by fans that the ad was actually one for male erection pills.

via Twitter @ZachBraff

And if that wasn’t enough, just a couple days prior to this Braff found a different ad of someone using his face to sell a computer repair service.

Now, as funny as all this is, it isn’t as great as knowing that Zach Braff isn’t alone. In fact, illegally using celebrities’ faces to market a product seems to be fairly common in Ukraine.

Zach Braff hasn’t said anything about whether he’ll be pressing charges or not for the illegal use of his image. In the meantime, he’s just using it to share some laughs.

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