Adam Devine Sat Down with His Father to Discuss His Nude Scenes

Talk about family bonding.


Pitch Perfect star Adam Devine made waves recently as he became the latest actor to go full-frontal in the Netflix film Game Over, Man!

The much-talked about scene has definitely got people talking, one of which happens to be his own father as they enjoyed a private screening of the movie while discussing… his privates.

In a video that he posted on his Instagram, he and his dad get into an interesting discussion regarding his peen, including comparing the size between the two.

"My penis is your favorite part of the movie?” joked Adam.  “Hell yes, I made that…” his dad replied. Umm…


That didn't stop Adam from making things super awkward (as if they already weren't) by then asking "Is it the same size?" to which his dad boasted by saying one word, "bigger."

The video then cut before the discussion likely continued about who really was bigger (allegedly).  See the cringe-esque clip here


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