Adam Joseph Is “Weathering The Kitchen” On His Brand New Web Channel

If you’re originally from or live in the Philadelphia or Central/South Jersey area, you definitely know who Adam Joseph is. This experienced meteorologist and fitness fanatic made history in August of 2014, when he became the City of Brotherly Love’s first major on-air personality to come out publicly. Joseph has at times, incorporated his partner Karl & his children Jacob and Hannah’s daily adventures into his forecast, showcasing to viewers everywhere that a “family” truly comes in all shapes and sizes. 

Now, Joseph is showing a new side of himself with his Weathering The Kitchen videos. As Joseph himself puts it, he is “a meteorologist, but at home I have the title dad, partner, gardener, cook, and baker”. On his new channel, he is showcasing his talents as an amateur chef, making anything from homemade chili to a holiday sugar cookies. Outside of the kitchen, Joseph has tips on winterizing your home garden, and also offers tips for things like spicing up your holiday planters. 


For some time, fans have consistently asked Joseph for a cookbook or a fitness how-to book, and with his new lifestyle channel, this could be the first step in seeing one of Philadelphia’s favorite sons expanding his rapidly evolving brand.


Keep up with Adam’s Adventures & his “Weathering The Kitchen” videos here

All Photos Courtesy of Adam Joseph (Facebook)

2 thoughts on “Adam Joseph Is “Weathering The Kitchen” On His Brand New Web Channel”

  1. Adam is one of the nicest, friendliest and outgoing people I know! I met him at Highland Orchard this year, and I was so taken by his down to earth personality. He is a gem! Karl and his children are lovely as well. Adam has a gift and he IS a gift:)

  2. Wow how very impressive! Adam certainly has made a difference in all of our lives and his creative flair has motivated each and every one to go out of our comfort zones and be more creative as well ! I for one am forever grateful !


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