Adam Lambert Faces Backlash Due To Being ‘filthy, gay and anti family’

We're talking about Adam Lambert? We're in the year 2015? Singapore, check your marbles.

The announcement that Queen singer Adam Lambert will be headlining the Countdown 2016 New Year’s Eve concert in Singapore has sparked outrage and support in almost equal measure.

A petition demanding for the singer to be dropped from the event has been signed by over 15,000 Singaporeans due to fears that the openly gay singer will perform “lewd acts” on stage in front of children.  The petition also expressed concern over Lambert’s role as an LGBT activist, saying he engages in the “active promotion of a highly sexualized lifestyle and LGBT rights, both of which are contrary to mainstream Singaporean values.”

A counter petition was later launched which labeled the original petition “anti family and anti Singaporean values”, and so far has just over 16,000 signatures, nearly 1000 more than the original.

The Queen singer has released a statement promising that his performance at the event will be low key, “My performance at Celebrate 2016 will not only be a spectacular one, “It will celebrate the entire human family in all its diversity.  I am a uniter, not a divider…I hope you will join me to celebrate the future and 2016.”

Countdown 2016 is being organised by the state owned broadcaster MediaCorp and the event will be televised across the country.

Homosexuality is currently illegal in the country due to a colonial-era law that was challenged by activists last year.  Back in May, the Singaporean government banned a song and music video by a popular K-Pop star because they portrayed same-sex marriage and homosexual themes.  However, despite the current laws in the country nearly 28,000 people attended this year’s Pink Dot, an annual LGBT rights rally. –

I do see where they are coming from. He's gay.  He'll do gay things.  He'll turn everyone gay and incite a big pink gay riot.  Whatever Lambert will sing will be much more corruptive, filthy, and anti family than anything kids and adults are buying these days on iTunes and playing for hours on end.

Let's hope 2016 will be the year of common sense for Singapore.

To see the anti-Lambert petition, click here.

We will leave you with Mr. Lambert's response.


19 thoughts on “Adam Lambert Faces Backlash Due To Being ‘filthy, gay and anti family’”

  1. Adam is amazing and i think

    Adam is amazing and i think the fact that singapore are trying to ban him from performing is so unfair and upsetting , i hope he performs there 🙂

  2. Come on people get real Adam
    Come on people get real Adam is not that stupid of a person yes he made mistakes but he has also has learned from them you could not ask for a better person or singer this world has become so crazy here lately I have been Adams fan since the beginning and I will continue to be his biggest fan.

  3. Another non story. Good luck

    Another non story. Good luck to Adam whatever his life style he's a good singer and entertainer and should be respected as such. He will never be Freddie Mercury, in the same way that Freddie couldn't have been Adam. There's too many tragedies in the world to argue whether he should perform. Judge the man not his sexuality.

  4. It will be their loss, he is

    It will be their loss, he is a great singer and I for one don't care if he is gay or not it's his sing I love to hear and of course his beautiful face. He is not Queens singer he just joined them for a tour and it was so so good.

  5. Germany has freedom of speech

    Germany has freedom of speech, too. And so do Switzerland, France, CANADA …. Just to name a few! As a gay man who used to live and work in Indonesia/Malaysia/Singapore I can tell you that all of those places have a very conservative and powerful elite that opposes gay rights. While the percentage of the population that is LGTB friendly may not be as high as it is in say Northern Europe, it does more harm than good to condem an entire population. Btw, 'Murica: you' ve had gay rights for like 5 minutes so maybe cut everybody else some slack.

      • Guest singer,   Freddie was

        Guest singer,   Freddie was/is Queens only singer…..if roger and Brian want to play on, and good luck to them, they should change the name, Freddie or even John isn't there, so it's not Queen 

  6. This has to be one of the

    This has to be one of the most ridiculous posts about Singapore. Gay men are EVERYWHERE in Singapore. Who in the world are they kidding? 


  7. Singapore has many gay bars

    Singapore has many gay bars and  fairly open about gay life.  It is a very strict country.  I don't think it will change anytime soon.  It's knows as "a FINE City" as they will fine you for chewing gum and spitting on the ground (gum is not sold), putting out your cigarette on the street and not picking it up and discarding it in the garbage on the first citation will cost you S$150.00, the second is S$500.00 and cleaning the streets.

    Not to mention a lot of people from Malaysia migrate into Singapore on a daily bases for work and they are extremely homophobic and with as many come in to this small island their influence can surly leave a mark.

    • Why are you pulling the

      Why are you pulling the malaysians in and putting blame on them now? "migrate" into singapore ??? surely you meant to say *commute* on a daily basis?? i dont think malaysians are generally homophobic (except for some extremist, that i would understand). most of them surely do not give a shit about gay/lesbians. we like to mind our own businesses. 🙁 

  8. Freedom of speech, people

    Freedom of speech, people only applies to events here in the USA… this is in Singapore… so it does not apply… they can do as they please.

  9. Are we living in Medevil
    Are we living in Medevil times or what……Really….Isn’t it called freedom of speech or is that just for some people now !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Do you mean to say that

      Do you mean to say that freedom of speech is only applicable for people who support LGBT rights, but not for those who oppose them, Glenn Lehman? 


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