Adam Lambert Just Lightly Trashed Madonna’s Music– And I’m Like, How Dare He?!

Best known for a television talent show, and for singing Queen covers to geriatrics at the Oscars, Adam Lambert has now lightly insulted the Queen of Pop. 

In an interview with The Independent, Lambert says Madonna is one of his idols, but questions if the flack she gets these days has anything to do with her being a sexualized 60-year-old, or her larger-than-life personality:

‘’I’m a long-time Madonna fan for sure – but here’s my question: does she? Or is she getting a pushback because of the music she’s making?’‘

”I love that she reinvents herself. I love her, and I think she’s brilliant. And I do think she’s pissed upon a bit, but I don’t think it’s because she’s a strong sexual woman.” 

‘‘I think it’s because she’s making the music of 2019 that doesn’t fall quite in line with her legacy, perhaps.”

Look, Madame X is far from a perfect record, but it’s definitely a good one, sometimes downright brilliant. Songs like “Medellín” and “Crazy” are probably as good or better than anything Lambert has done or ever will do. He’s a singer with a few albums under his belt, and he didn’t write or co-write a big chunk of the songs on his records. This criticism of Madonna, even softened with qualifiers like “I love her,” “She’s an icon OMG” and stuff like that, is misjudged, disproportionate, and tacky. Right now, his most popular gig is with Queen: for all intents and purposes, a cover band. Madonna’s pop-music legacy, on the other hand, is all but unmatched. Her new record is experimental, risky, critically flawed in short measures, and mostly quite good. She has a writing credit on every song, as has been the case for most of her career. 

And of course some of the criticism she gets is because she’s a sexualized 60-year-old woman. It isn’t fair for a younger man to comment on that. 

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