Adam Lambert Talks All About His Upcoming Album “High Drama”

After almost three years, Adam Lambert will finally be releasing his next album titled “High Drama,” and he talked all about it in a recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment.


The ‘American Idol’ alum and Queen frontman spent lockdown working on new music, which resulted to the upcoming album. 

“The idea came up to do an album of covers, and I haven’t done that before. I’ve done that on Idol, obviously… and Queen is essentially sort of a covers situation, even though I’m in the band. It was like a real nice challenge to go, ‘OK, let’s find songs’ — some are obscure, some are new, some are really well-known — ‘that we think are cool, and flip them and make them sound entirely different if we can,’” Lambert shared.

The 40-year-old singer-songwriter also explained that the album feels original even though it features song covers.

“It’s just me, just doing me. And it actually feels really good, because I think in the past I might have been trying to manufacture something or run toward a trend or a sound.

And I think with this album, even though they’re covers, we’ve managed to make them sound and feel original enough, so they’re like my kind of records. It just feels like we’re doing it without thinking about it, in a way. I’m not trying to do a theme or a sound. I just am doing it. It just feels very natural, which is really nice,” he expressed.


Furthermore, “High Drama” is composed of highly dramatic and “a bit rock-star” songs, including: King of Leon’s “Sex on Fire,” Sia’s “Chandelier,” Billie Eilish’s “Getting Older,” Lana Del Rey’s “West Coast,” and Pink’s “My Attic,” among other hits.

Lambert also covered the song “I’m a Man,” which was originally performed by the cult glam-rocker and first openly gay rock star, Jobriath.

“I saw the documentary [Jobriath A.D.], and I was just like, ‘Oh my God!’ I remember sitting there, and it just resonated with me so much… There was just all these weird parallels, and I was like, ‘OK, this is amazing. This guy’s incredible,’” the “Velvet” singer said about Jobriath.

“High Drama” is scheduled to be released on February 24, 2023, and it is now available for preorder.


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  1. The only reason he is not a superstar in the music industry in USA is because he’s gay! Best singer on the planet. I don’t get this world today. Everyone being mediocre and the same is our new world!


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