Adam Lambert talks Dating Ricky Martin, Tinder, and Gay Marriage.

We've all experienced it.  "Oh, Gary in accounting is gay and you're gay.  You're both gay!  You two would hit it off so well!"  This past Friday, during an appearance on the Kyle and Jackie O Radio Show in Australia, it was Adam Lambert's time to get the narrow minded match making treatment. How did he respond?

Jackie O implied that Lambert could pursue a relationship with singer Ricky Martin since the two are single and gay.  But Lambert wasn’t amused.  “Don’t do that, you’re not allowed to do that,” he told the Kyle and Jackie O Show.  “That’s so silly … `Oh a gay guy and another gay guy, oh you must date’, come on.”

Jackie O tried to defend herself saying, “No, there’s more to it than that”.

“Is there?” Lambert asked.

Feeling she needed to explain herself better, Jackie O tried to justify the comments by saying “you’re both in the industry, you both understand each other’s schedule, you’re both hot … it would work”.

“Well, that’s very sweet,” Lambert replied insincerely.

Guest host Chrissie Swan knew exactly how Lambert felt, comparing the remark to when people say she should date older, fatter men because the two are “similar”.

Being a good sport, Lambert stuck around on the radio show to field some questions from listeners, and to lambaste Prime Minster Tony Abbott for not accepting gay marriage.

“Come on dude, get with the picture,” he said.  “I’m sure it will happen. I’ve always thought of Australia as such a progressive place, so liberal. The attitudes here from what I have experienced towards anybody who’s alternative with their sexuality or lifestyle seems pretty open. So I’m sure it will come around soon.”

He is in Australia to promote his new album The Original High and coming tour of the same name, which will kick off in January.  He [performed] his new single Ghost Town on the Nine Network’s The Voice on Sunday — but without his signature smoky-eye look.  “The smoky eye is dead for me now,” Lambert said defiantly. –

Transcripts can be very black and white so here is the audio from the July 31st radio show.  Ricky Martin is mentioned at about 5:25, the caller with the Australian Gay Marriage question appears at about 8:40, and to hear Adam's thoughts on Tinder, Grindr, and Snapchat, listen around 10:20



Do you think Lambert handled the Ricky Martin dating suggestion situation well?  As mentioned, it happens to all of us.  I think he did what we all do.  Smile and nod and say, thanks but no thanks and mutter under our breath, "stupid straight people." 

Other sites are throwing out headlines like "adam lambert slams radio host jackie o for gay jibe" (, "adam annoyed on air with kiis" (, and "adam lambert can't tolerate radio host anti-gay words" (  From his tweet about the radio show it didn't seem like he was upset about his time there.



Thanks Adam for handling the interview well and rolling with it.  Sorry people are blowing it up to something it wasn't.  It's called banter people.  We still do have senses of humor, no?

And why would it matter what Adam thinks about Australian Gay Marriage?  He's the #1 hit holder in their nation.  Adam's been doing exceptionally well with his new great song "Ghost Town."  In Australia, he's bigger than "One-da-rection."

Meanwhile, Adam is enjoying great chart success in Australia this week. The star saw his single ‘Ghost Town’ replacing ‘Drag Me Down’ by One Direction at No.1 in the Australian iTunes chart. –

It's now one of my favorite songs of his.  Here is Adam performing "Ghost Town" on The Voice : Australia this past Sunday Night. 


I also did like Adam's chat about current dating sites and what they are missing.  He says he really doesn't use them.  But he may need to use something since, looking back at one of his previous visits on the same Kyle and Jackie O Radio Show in September of 2012, we see that his sense of touch may be a little off.  Check the whole video out if you wish, but for the "cheeky" competition where Adam has to identify if a bum belongs to a male or female, jump to 2:55.


Thanks Adam for keeping it all real.

6 thoughts on “Adam Lambert talks Dating Ricky Martin, Tinder, and Gay Marriage.”

    • They’re not saying it would
      They’re not saying it would be bad to date Ricky Martin. They are saying that just because two people are gay, it is idiotic to assume that they would automatically be attracted to one another. You have to have chemistry first. Works the same for both gay and straight.

  1. IMHO, Adam IS treated better

    IMHO, Adam IS treated better outside of the US by the press and general public, but not by us American Glamberts.  As Witchywoman said, we are obsessed with him (in a good way, of course!).  I think part of it is because he is openly gay and, even though we recently won the right to marry nationwide, there is still a large contingent of people who are prejudiced and/or don't want to admit they like an artist who is gay.  Radio stations and the like do not want to alienate their straight listeners/viewers.  Sickening to me.  That said, progress has been made and TOH is doing better than Trespassing did in the weeks and months following its release, and he is adding radio plays weekly for Ghost Town.  Take good care of him while he is in your country for us, will you?  He is precious cargo.

  2. Adam’s USA fan base is

    Adam's USA fan base is OBSESSED with him! It's getting him radio play that has always been the challenge! But Ghost Town is doing really well, and wait until you hear the next single when it's released! (I don't know what it is, but it doesn't matter. You could put the list of album songs up on a board and throw a dart at it to make a selection and it would be great.)

    • I’ve listened to all of the
      I’ve listened to all of the songs on the “Original High” album. He is learning how to tone down his ’90’s glam image and venturing into more serious territory. Even his look is more naturaI and mature. I love it! My only negative comment is, “Enough with the tats already”.

  3. Adam seems to be getting
    Adam seems to be getting along well overseas. Is it just me, or does his nonAmerican fans give him more props than his own country? His music is loved all over the world, and the USA fan base should be more appeciative of his talent. Just an observation.


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