Adam Lambert Wants To Bring George Michael’s Story To The Big Screen

In a recent interview with, American Idol success story Adam Lambert shared his dream of playing the unforgettable George Michael in a biopic.  


Over the past nine years, 38 year-old Lambert has been wowing crowds as the lead singer of Queen, stepping into the shoes of the legendary Freddie Mercury. Those are some pretty big shoes to fill, but thus far he’s had an impressive run, touring with the original founding band members of the group. Lambert himself has broken down barriers for LGBT performers in the modern pop music landscape and he takes the legacy of past gay performers very seriously. 

Many Lambert fans will recall that he had a small part in the Oscar nominated Freddie Mercury biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody but he feels now he’s ready to take the next steps toward Hollywood success in the role of George Michael.

As a larger-than-life mega star, Michael rose from obscurity to success in the 80s as part of the music duo Wham. He then skyrocketed to massive fame as one of the biggest solo artists of the 90s, leading the youth culture of the MTV generation. He recorded some of the most notable songs ever in pop music history including Careless Whisper, Father Figure, Faith, and Too Funky which boasted an iconic video collaboration with famous designer Thierry Mugler featuring a bevy of 90s supermodel cameos.


Adam feels strongly that George Michael’s story deserves to be on the big screen, sharing with exclusively, 

“You know, to me, it would be great to kind of explore George’s life. I think that would be very interesting. That’d be cool, I just feel like, we don’t know that much about him.”

We all know Adam can sing his booty off and is handsome in his own right much like George Michael who’s physical appearance played a significant a role in his meteoric rise to the top. However, can Adam act, and well enough to carry a lead role in a bio pic? Only time will tell, but if his new George Michael-esque studio album Velvet is any indication, Lambert will certainly at the very least, slay that soundtrack!



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