Adam Mac Cancels Festival Performance, Fans Go Crazy!

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Although this is a shitty situation overall, I’d put money down that Adam Mac is going to have a slew of new fans because hey, you don’t mess with the gays.

Adam, an out country singer hailing from Tennessee, announced on Thursday that he was dropping out of an upcoming gig due to concerns over his sexuality. Despite a representative for the festival working diligently to get him on stage, other members of the board weren’t as excited due to his sexuality and pressured him to have second thoughts.


Gee, The Logan County Tabacco and Heritage Festival… Sounds like part of their heritage is keeping homophobia alive. I can hear the banjos now… 

Mr. Mac tells Entertainment Weekly:


Some board members and some people in town wanted to ensure that I would not be promoting homosexuality or sexuality in a family-friendly environment. I don’t know what they expected I was going to do other than just come and put on a hell of a show, like we do. I went back and forth all night long about what is the right thing to do because a part of me feels like it would be letting down the people who need to see me most there in that space.

Ultimately, the country crooner decided to bow out of the gig. 


While I’m sure he and others felt let down by his decision, noteworthy industry insiders took to social media to share their disdain for the cultural and political climate in certain areas that see LGBT struggling for equal rights. Among those cheering for a change: Peter Pan singer Kelsea Ballerini, 7x Grammy Winner and out lesbian Brandy Clark, and Maren Morris – who recently made waves for quitting country music altogether due to the toxic nature displayed by some of its fans. 

Peep their comments above. 


Adam Mac has yet to make it onto any of the Billboard Charts, but his May 2023 debut album, Disco Cowboy, has been well received by music critics. It’s only a matter of time before he’s the next big thing!

On to the next one!

PS: The song featured below is definitely worth a listen. The lyrics “I ain’t much a man of the church, but I can get down on a him” is genius. 

Source: Entertainment Weekly, Vox

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  1. Homophobia alive and well. Just goes to show you how much work the gay community still needs to do. We’ve come a long way since I was young in the 90s but there’s still a lot of people who really don’t like us gay folk.


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