Adam Rippon Gave Us Hilarious And Insightful Critique Of Ice Skating Movies

Adam Rippon proves to us again why he deserves a job as a sports commentator.

While we already thought Rippon would be great for a sports commentator gig when he did a one off with comedian Leslie Jones back in February, we’re happy to see he’s getting even more opportunities to do it.

GQ had the openly gay ice skater come in to watch and critique famous skating movies The Cutting Edge, Blades of Glory, and I, Tonya.

Not only did Rippon throw shade, but he also shared a lot of info too. For instance, he talked about sharing the ice rink with hockey players, romance in pairs skating, skating routines/techniques, and other realities of the sport

For instance, Rippon found Blades of Glory relatable when Jon Heder hit the rink’s wall.

“The fall and the crash is to be expected….have I hit the wall like that? Yes I have,” he admitted.

You can check out the video down below.

h/t: GQ, Towleroad

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