Adam Rippon Loses Control While Reading One Of His Favorite Fan Letters

Even though the 2018 Winter Olympics have officially ended, Adam Rippon is still our social media darling.

The Bronze medal winning Olympian is not only amazing for standing up to Vice President Mike Pence or giving sports commentary with comedian Leslie Jones, but he’s also a kind-hearted man who recognizes his effect on others.

Rippon posted on Twitter yesterday. In the tweet, captioned, “Of all the letters and messages I’ve gotten, this is definitely one of my favs. I love you, Alexis E,” Rippon recorded himself reading the fan letter out loud.

At the beginning of the video Rippon reads, “Dear Adam Rippon, we love you,” right before he starts to laugh from joy and embarrassment.



The question is, what’s next for the rising star? Rippon has certainly gained many new fans since the initial announcement that he would be going to the Winter Olympics only a month ago.

Since then, it seems like headline after headline contained some new quirky story involving the figure skater.

Now, post Olympics, Rippon has a myriad of career possibilities ahead of him. He could do more commentating, he could become a reality star (hopefully not, because he’s better than that), he could continue on with his sport, he could take a break, or he could do a mix of that and more.

We, and all his other fans, look forward to seeing what he’ll do.

4 thoughts on “Adam Rippon Loses Control While Reading One Of His Favorite Fan Letters”

  1. Well, first of all he needs

    Well, first of all he needs to know what the word respect means… as a gay man, i still respect all others opinions as i have my own… ignore the ignorant. Though i do not agree with the VP, i would not disrespect him. And since the two queers were here, had the Olympics to contend with, this was not the time to do it. You took the opportunity of the Olympics to make an ass of yourself on Nat. TV. Your too young and haven't been gay long enough to spew venom. Do your research & homework on the LGBTQ community You definitely do not speak for me in your response to VP Pence. Concentrate on your future. And one more thing, you're a top? Yeah right!!!!!

    • Who are you to tell someone

      Who are you to tell someone when and where they can stand up for what they believe in? As an American citizen he has every right to call out the injustices he sees in our government. Mike Pence did the worse by not even clapping for the host country when they entered the arena for the opening ceremony. Maybe you should do some research on our community and realize that the voices of the young are what will continue to lead us to our end goals of equality. And lastly your "you're a top? Yeah right!" Comment was petty and stereotypical, like a feminine man can't also be a top? What a joke. 

    • If this happened in the

      If this happened in the George W. Bush era and it was Dick Chaney, I think you could argue about respecting the office of VP. While I would have acknowledged the VP, and wish Rippon did, I can understand his point. He did have one media moment that could be called cringe worthy, but that’s a matter of opinion. Regarding not being gay long enough? Those who know him through skating will tell you he never came out, he was always out and acknowledged his sexuality publicly. He has taken an active role in encouraging his fellow skaters and understands how fortunate he is to have made the Olympic team. Mr. jCP, I think we need to ask ourselves how many Olympic medals do we have and how many times have we been on the International stage?


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