Adam Rippon Loses Control While Reading One Of His Favorite Fan Letters

Even though the 2018 Winter Olympics have officially ended, Adam Rippon is still our social media darling.

The Bronze medal winning Olympian is not only amazing for standing up to Vice President Mike Pence or giving sports commentary with comedian Leslie Jones, but he’s also a kind-hearted man who recognizes his effect on others.

Rippon posted on Twitter yesterday. In the tweet, captioned, “Of all the letters and messages I’ve gotten, this is definitely one of my favs. I love you, Alexis E,” Rippon recorded himself reading the fan letter out loud.

At the beginning of the video Rippon reads, “Dear Adam Rippon, we love you,” right before he starts to laugh from joy and embarrassment.



The question is, what’s next for the rising star? Rippon has certainly gained many new fans since the initial announcement that he would be going to the Winter Olympics only a month ago.

Since then, it seems like headline after headline contained some new quirky story involving the figure skater.

Now, post Olympics, Rippon has a myriad of career possibilities ahead of him. He could do more commentating, he could become a reality star (hopefully not, because he’s better than that), he could continue on with his sport, he could take a break, or he could do a mix of that and more.

We, and all his other fans, look forward to seeing what he’ll do.

What do you think?